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New Writing Scotland

31 Oct 2019
Submissions are invited for New Writing Scotland 38 from writers who are resident in Scotland or Scottish by birth, upbringing or inclination. All forms of writing are invited, on any theme and in any genre.
We welcome autobiography and memoirs; creative responses to events and experiences; drama; graphic artwork (monochrome only); poetry; political and cultural commentary and satire; screenplays; short fiction; travel writing or any other creative prose may be submitted.
The work must be neither previously published nor accepted for publication and may be in any of the languages of Scotland.
Submission is free.
As we have limited space in each edition, shorter pieces are more suitable – although longer items of exceptional quality may still be included. A maximum length of 3,500 words is suggested. Please send no more than four poems, and no more than one prose work.We have a maximum recommended length of 3,500 words in total.
Successful contributors will be paid at a rate of £20 per published page.
For further information, please visit the ASLS website


Michigan Quarterly Review: Call for submissions for special issue on Water

1 December  
Michigan Quarterly Review (MQR) is seeking submissions of nonfiction, fiction, poetry, drama, translations and pieces that don’t fit into a neat category for Not One Without: A Special Issue on Water.
The edition seeks to explore urgent, complex, and revelatory writing on water from around the world.
MQR is seeking work that addresses any aspect of water: from the contested oil pipeline beneath the Straits of Mackinac to water shut-offs in Cape Town; from flooding in the Midwest to water scarcity in India and the Sahel; from the role of water in regional and global conflict and migration to the way that storm surges and shifting coastlines are forcing us to rethink the shapes of urban centers.
The editors are looking for pieces that consider water through the lens of history and of contemporary geopolitics, and are excited to receive submissions that consider water through mythology, religion, and art history.

MQR is an interdisciplinary and international literary journal, combining distinctive voices in poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, as well as works in translation. It welcomes submissions from established as well as emerging writers. Poems published in MQR by emerging writers (those who have not yet published a full-length collection) will be considered as finalists for the journal’s Page Davidson Clayton Prize.

Fiction and essay submissions should be between 1500 and 7000 words (5000-word average).Poets may submit between 3 and 6 poems, not to exceed a total of 12 pages.
Print publication rates are competitive with other literary journals. Writers who are published on MQR Online receive $30.

Visit the Michigan Quarterly Review website to read the full submission guidelines.
Deadline: Sunday 1 December 2019
MQR also accepts general submissions for the print journal between 15 January and 15 April, and from 1 August to 30 November each year.

Chicken Soup for the Soul 

A Chicken Soup for the Soul story is an inspirational, true story about ordinary people having extraordinary experiences. It is a story that opens the heart and rekindles the spirit. It is a simple piece that touches our readers and helps them discover basic principles they can use in their own lives. These stories are personal and often filled with emotion and drama. They are filled with vivid images created by using the five senses. In some stories, the readers feel that they are actually in the scene with the people.
Chicken Soup for the Soul stories are written in the first person and have a beginning, middle and an end. The stories often close with a punch, creating emotion, rather than simply talking about it. Chicken Soup for the Soul stories have heart, but also something extra—an element that makes us all feel more hopeful, more connected, more thankful, more passionate and better about life in general. A good story causes tears, laughter, goose bumps or any combination of these.
The most powerful stories are about people extending themselves, or performing an act of love, service or courage for another person.
If we publish your story or poem, you will be paid $200 one month after publication of the book and you will receive ten free copies of the book your story or poem appears in. You will also become part of the Chicken Soup for the Soul family, you will receive our exclusive contributors’ communiqué and you will be entitled to buy cases of books from us at a discount.

Library Tales 

Library Tales Publishing is an independent book publishing company founded in 2011. The company is focused on publishing, marketing and distributing self-help, memoirs and niche fiction books by qualified and talented authors. Our list of authors includes David Friedman, Arje Shaw, Catherine Holmes, Liz Ferro, David Michael Slater, Frank Foster, Eric Sage, Rich Wickliffe, Jim Hamilton, among others. Our authors and books have been featured in national print, TV, and radio media, including Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda, Publishers Weekly, Fox News, Book TV Shows, The New York Review of Books, and others.
Library Tales Publishing was founded during the peak of the digital publishing revolution and one of its very first releases was a memoir on Kindle. Today, Library Tales Publishing has domestic and international distribution, film rights, and sales representation throughout the world and is heavily invested in digital and physical distribution channels; its editorial choices are motivated primarily by quality content and long-term relationship potential with its authors.
Our company's use of merchandising rights is what makes it an in-house, all-inclusive book publisher, giving consumers new ways of reading and experiencing its titles and offering its authors new ways of reaching out to their potential readers.

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