Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Only Remembered edited by Michael Morpurgo

2014, fluent reader,  Key Stage 2, Key Stage3,  ages 9-11, ages 10-13, lower secondary, upper primary, adult  

This is an edited collection of commentary on World War I, or the Great War. It consists of short articles by influential people such as politicians, writers, actors and producers – and most quote some fiction though this is rarely children’s fiction.  

It is a little surprising , then, to find it in the children’s  section of the local library and one can’t help wondering whether it is simply the name Michael Morpurgo that has caused that to happen. 

On the other hand, this is still very readable by the upper primary and lower secondary child. Each section is short and thought-provoking.  The book would also be useful in the classroom where the Great War is being discussed.   

The articles are grouped into three sections:  At War, At Home and After.  

Ian Beck’s illustrations enliven the text. 

Between them, the texts offer a balanced view.

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